The Bulgarian Association of Interior Design 

The mission of our Association of Interior Designers in Bulgaria is to gather at one place all the interior and product designers in Bulgaria and to build a vivid relationship between them and all who need their knowledge and skills – private persons or business clients.

The implementation of this perspective but also long-term goal we hope to happen through the website we have built, where every member manages their own profile as well as through common participation in exhibits in Bulgaria and abroad.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéryonece said: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” So we do something like that. We collect dreamers who believe that one day all our goals will come true. And people will live in better habitats.

We found the Association in April, 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the beginning we would mainly organize informative events such as participation – with open invitations – in different kind of design exhibits, aiming popularization of our new association. We build a team who works on our future strategy for development. Last year we worked really hard and we started an initiative to establish contacts beyond Bulgarian borders. Today we can speak favorably of our 72 members, among whom are professional designers and architects, students, firms, working in the field of interior and furniture manufacturing. And we are still proactively looking for new members. We work in collaboration with all Bulgarian universities and organizations in the field of interior design, such as Chamber of Architectsin Bulgaria, Bulgarian Furniture Cluster and others. We have many media partners as well.

We also cooperate with organizations and universities abroad and we do plan to become part of ECIA asap.
In 2014 we may proudly say we managed to organize and conduct the following events:
1) Sofia – New York – a meeting with lectures and discussions on the occupation of the interior designer in Bulgaria and abroad.
2) “Halloween for Designers” – a meeting with lectures and discussions on copyright and intellectual property.
3) Workshop “Table” for Bulgarian and Serbian students in the presence of international lecturers and mentors.
4) Summer University AIDB – 10-days of seminars& lectureswith some of the most prominent Bulgarian designers and architects.
In 2015 we plan a great event – “Antre” (that is the Bulgarian word for vestibule). This will be the first contest for public and private interiors. The initiative is part of our efforts to make the profession of the interior designer in Bulgaria more popular and more asked for by both investors and private persons. And, of course, we also seek for more popularity for the Association itself.

And who knows, maybe one day our fellow citizens will get it that the interior designer is surely not the homosexualegghead with fond de ten and silk scarf, who simply wants to make your habitat look like a cake and collect tons of money for doing so. Maybe one day our fellow citizens will getit that design is not equal to decoration and that it means: function, ergonomics, innovation… Or just a dance with the material aspect of our being.



Gena Sabeva | chairman | g.sabeva@aidb.bg | 00359888592585

Slavianka Varbakova | international coordinator | s.varbakova@aidb.bg | 00359889138403

Bulgaria | 1618 Sofia | 53 Simeon Radev st